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Chiba City Municipal Fire Department Aviation Unit “Ootori 1 & 2” are coming!

EVENT NEWS 2017.05.19

We proudly announce that 2 aircrafts will be doing a demonstration flight above the sea in “Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017.”
The name of the 2 fire-fighting helicopters are known as “Ootori.”

These fire-fighting helicopters operate by hovering, so high maneuvering technology and rescue skills are essential. In “Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017,” you will be able to see their rescue demonstration of dropping 900 litter of water and high flying techniques of fire-fighting 2 helicopters.

Please note that it will be flying in low altitude then usual above Makuhari Sea so it will be difficult to see it from areas beside this official purchased viewing area. It is possible to view from each area (General area, Family area, and Start/Goal Area) where you bought the tickets for.

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