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"Zero Fighter" will appear in Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017!!

EVENT NEWS 2017.05.09

On June 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun) at Chiba Makuhari Seaside Park (Chiba City, Mihama district), “Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017” will be held as extreme three dimensional motor sports. As one of the special side acts, the famous legendary aircraft which combines all the aerial technologies in Japan of the past “Zero fighter” will come back to Tokyo bay for the first time in almost 70 years with its wings.

This is part of the “Zero Fighter homecoming project” and has the meaning to look back
on Japan’s history by yearning for peace.

The official name of the aircraft which will be flying this time is called “Mitsubishi A6M Zero” and was made by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. in 1942 as version 22. The Length is 9.06 meter, width 12meter, and weighs 1863 kg with maximum speed 540.8 kilometers per hour.
It was restored from the wreckage found in South Pacific Ocean of Papua New Guinea and is known as the only aircraft which can still fly today within the existing 4 aircrafts in the world (excluding the replica).

By having the audience see “Zero Fighter” gracefully fly above Tokyo Bay, we hope it will
be a great opportunity to review the technologies which Japan took pride in, and lead to
a leap forward in both airline industry and society as a whole.

Please note that cancelation may happen depending on the weather.

How to view
Sea performance (Qualifying day, Race day, Zero Fighter, DC3, etc.) can be watched by the audience who bought the tickets for “Red Bull Air Race Chiba 2017” at each of their viewing area (seaside). It is possible to view from each area where you bought the tickets for. Please not that you cannot watch from the area outside the viewing place you have bought. In addition, please note that cancelation may happen depending on the weather.

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